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The travelers have chosen Zagreb as the best European Christmas destination for several consecutive years and we will show you why! Take a walk with us and discover art, architecture, history and feel the cheerful Christmas spirit of Croatia’s capital.  Experience for yourself the magical Christmas atmosphere of the entire city center, try the typical winter food, take lovely pictures, keep yourself warm with some mulled wine and simply enjoy the many interesting things the city has to offer!

We start at the main square, the Ban Jelačić Square, where we can enjoy the traditional Christmas programs or we can grab a bite to eat or have something to drink to keep us energized for the rest of our tour.  We will see the best shopping spots for holiday presents, learn about the traditional Croatian holiday menu and customs and the history of the city.  The routes of the tour can vary depending on your wishlist and one-time-only interesting events of the holiday season – open air concerts, food festivals, ice-skating…

So put on a warm coat, wear comfortable boots and a smile, and take a walk with us through the winter wonderland!



* the price of the tour includes a warm welcome beverage

holidays in zagreb

Holidays in Zagreb


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