Plitvice & RastokePrivate Day Trip

Hidden in the mountains of the region Lika, the magical Plitvice Lakes have been inspiring legends and fairy tales for hundreds of years. Declared a National Park in 1949 and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1979, the lakes have been attracting visitors in all seasons. Discover yourself the enchanting waterfalls in spring and summer, colourful forest around them in autumn and frozen winter wonderland!

On the way from Zagreb towards the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we stop at the small village Rastoke for a break. The village is known for its traditional architecture – small houses of stone and wood with watermills, standing over cascading waterfalls.

Arriving at Plitvice Lakes will make you see why so many people come to admire this gem: walk along the lakes, feel the drops of water spraying off the highest waterfall, take a ride on a boat across the biggest lake Kozjak and enjoy the day in one of nature’s wonders.

In the afternoon return to Zagreb.



*the tour includes transfer, guide, entrance fees to Plitvice and Rastoke

*Type of transport: Depending on the number of passengers (car, van, bus)

*Payment: to the transaction account (based on your inquiry and date of arrangement,  we will provide you with an offer with the payment information)

Prices in eur per person (guide, transfer, and entrance fees included)

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Plitvice & Rastoke

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