ZagorjeKrapina & Trakošćan

Just an hour away from Zagreb, the mesmerizing green hills of Zagorje offer not only a magical sight to see, but also give us a very educational and fun day trip. The Krapina Neanderthal Museum, an award winning institution that, in a very contemporary way, displays the stages of human evolution, focusing on the life of Neanderthal men whose remains were found in a nearby cave. A very interesting, interactive and unique exhibition that you simply cannot miss!

After visiting the Museum, we take a lunch break and try the local cuisine. We continue the trip to the beautiful Trakošćan castle, a castle set on a hill and surrounded by woods and a lake. The collection inside shows the lifestyle of Croatian nobility and the castle’s exterior makes a perfect setting for a romantic walk.


*tour includes transfer, guide, tickets to museums and lunch

*Type of transport: Depending on the number of passengers (car, van, bus)

*Payment: to the transaction account (based on your inquiry and date of arrangement,  we will provide you with an offer with the payment information)


Krapina & Trakošćan

Prices per person in eur (transfer, guide, tickets, lunch included)

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