Postojna Cave & LjubljanaIn the land of dragons

Slovenia, a beautiful country set between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia is known for its mountains, lakes, rivers and forests. First stop of our trip is the Postojna Cave, about 2,5h drive from Zagreb. A fantastic web of tunnels and halls, the astonishing diversity of Karst features, stalagmites that have been forming underground for thousands of years and creatures such as the olm, that live in the caves, guarantee to leave you breathless with wonder! After the visit to the cave, we continue the trip to Slovenia’s capital – Ljubljana.

Set alongside river Ljubljanica and below the castle atop a hill, Ljubljana offers a serene yet colourful atmosphere. Its centre has been closed for traffic so one can peacefully admire the beautiful architecture of buildings, Cathedral of St Nicholas or the many bridges across the river.  From the top of the hill, on a bright day, the view reaches the mountains in the distance, and with all the forests surronding the city, one can perfectly understand why it has been selected the 2016 Green Capital of Europe.

After some free time, we return to Zagreb.



*Duration approx. 10 – 12hrs

Included: transfer, guide, tickets to Postojna cave, lunch


Ljubljana & Postojna Cave

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