TRUFFLES: Istrian treasure buried underground

Rare, fragrant (or malodorous), hard to find, expensive, unappealing (yet so delicious) – all those attributes refer to the truffle.

The land of truffles

Truffles are fungi that grow underground, in few selected places on Earth. And one of those places is our beloved Istrian peninsula. To be more specific, in the forest between Motovun and Buzet, alongside river Mirna.


There are black and white truffles. Different varieties of black truffles, such as Tuber melanosporum, Tuber aestivum and Tuber brumale can be found in Istria, as well as the white Tuber magnatum. The latter can usually be found during autumn and winter months, and can reach the size of a big apple. In fact, Istrian truffle hunters set the world record, with an impressive white truffle that weighed over 1300 grams!

Buried treasure

Since they grow completely underground, it is impossible for humans to find them. But specially trained dogs with an exquisite sense of smell are indispensable to licensed local truffle-hunters who search for these delicious treasures.

truffle hunting in istria

How to enjoy them

For all truffle fans, there are countless ways to consume them. Preferably, with simple dishes where their flavour can really stand out, like pasta, steak, omelette, but also desserts!

To really appreciate this unique experience and taste authentic local recipes, join us on our truffle hunting tour to learn all about truffles


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