TRUFFLES: Istrian treasure buried underground

Rare, fragrant (or malodorous), hard to find, expensive, unappealing (yet so delicious) – all those attributes refer to the truffle.

The land of truffles

Truffles are fungi that grow underground, in few selected places on Earth. And one of those places is our beloved Istrian peninsula. To be more specific, in the forest between Motovun and Buzet, alongside river Mirna.


There are black and white truffles. Different varieties of black truffles, such as Tuber melanosporum, Tuber aestivum and Tuber brumale can be found in Istria, as well as the white Tuber magnatum. The latter can usually be found during autumn and winter months, and can reach the size of a big apple. In fact, Istrian truffle hunters set the world record, with an impressive white truffle that weighed over 1300 grams!

Buried treasure

Since they grow completely underground, it is impossible for humans to find them. But specially trained dogs with an exquisite sense of smell are indispensable to licensed local truffle-hunters who search for these delicious treasures.

truffle hunting in istria

How to enjoy them

For all truffle fans, there are countless ways to consume them. Preferably, with simple dishes where their flavour can really stand out, like pasta, steak, omelette, but also desserts!

To really appreciate this unique experience and taste authentic local recipes, join us on our truffle hunting tour to learn all about truffles



Most people fantasize about their summer holiday, but we’re here to tell you that #vacationvibes can be an all-year-round thing, and your spring break or autumn getaway might be even better!

As seasoned travelers, we’ve experienced ups and downs of every time of year. And although each season has its wonders, early spring and autumn may be unfairly overlooked.

So, if you’re still unsure about what would be the best time to visit Croatia, consider these perks of off-season travel:



park u opatiji

July and August are wonderful. The problem is, EVERYONE thinks so!

If you picture your perfect holiday as laying on the beach, under the sun all day, then yes, the summer is ideal. But if you prefer to wander, get to know various regions and cities of Croatia, its breathtaking national parks, you might enjoy it more with fewer people around.

Take your time and enjoy sightseeing at your own pace in March, April, October… and even swim in the sea in June and September.



zagreb lower town tour

Don’t get us wrong – we looove the summer. But picture seeing the Plitvice Lakes under the snow, the forests in many colors of the changing leaves, Zagreb with magnolias in bloom, vineyards ready for grape harvesting… The low season has many beautiful sights to be seen and admired. And all of that without sweating caused by a heat wave.



hotel lone

Last but not least – some things will come at a better price tag, such as accommodation. A big demand causes the prices to soar in the high season, and the hotel you’ve been dreaming of staying in might not even have any availability.

Low season, however, among its many perks, offers lower prices of accommodation and there’s more room to choose from. You could be getting more for your money – or even stay a day extra for the same price tag.


So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas for a holiday, contact us for your unforgettable tailor-made vacation in Croatia.