Kumrovec & Veliki TaborPrivate excursion to Zagorje

Only an hour away from Zagreb, the largest traditional preserved village provides visitors with insights on life of the peasants at the beginning of 20th century. The village in Kumrovec shows customs and daily life of peasants and their families, as well as the various traditional crafts. But we can learn much more about the history of Croatia there because in one of those small houses Josip Broz Tito (ex Yugoslav president and politician) was born and raised. After sightseeing we take a break and try the specialties of the region in a local restaurant. The trip continues to Veliki Tabor, a well preserved medieval castle that tells a tragic story of a forbidden love between the count and a village girl. After the visit to the castle, we return to Zagreb.


*tour includes transfer, guide, tickets and lunch

*Type of transport: Depending on the number of passengers (car, van, bus)

Veliki Tabor

Kumrovec & Veliki Tabor

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